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The Savory Sister, located in Sumter, South Carolina, is a family owned and operated business committed to offering unique, flavorful cheese wafers.

Our gourmet cheese wafers have a rich history rooted in our love for family and gathering.  We attribute these values to our Granny who was known for her love for hosting. She always had an elegant yet simple happy hour treat ready when we came to visit. Part of that spread included her famous handmade cheese wafers which held a special place in our hearts. As our love for fine foods grew, we decided to take our Granny’s beloved cheese wafers and elevate them to create the perfect happy hour treat.  


The Savory Sister gourmet cheese wafers capture the quality of hand-crafted, age-old recipes – achieving a distinctive taste sensation of rich and savory flavors. Our goal is to bring the same level of sophistication and indulgence to the happy hour scene by adding artisanal cheeses, herbs, and spices to create a perfectly curated wafer.


The Savory Sister’s gourmet cheese wafers originated out of a desire to preserve the happy hour experience that our Granny taught us…enjoying simple but delicious food (and drinks!) with the people we love. 


Savor Your Happy Hour

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